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I was pretty annoyed when my mom said she was remarrying. I didn’t have any interest in a new family. But then I found out her new husband had a teenage daughter, and once I saw pictures of her, I though maybe I should reconsider.

I met her two days before the wedding. Our parents left us alone. “Time to get better acquainted” my soon-to-be stepdad said. If he knew I was going to better acquaint my fat cock with her little white pussy, he may not have left us alone.

Turns out my new sister is a little slut, and she knows how to bounce on a big cock. I just stood still as she used her pussy to masturbate my cock, doing all the work to milk me dry.

She looked up at me as I was about to cum. “It’s ok to cum inside me, brother.” Smiling wide at the use of the word. “Daddy’s had me on the pill ever since he took my cherry.” It didn’t take long to shoot a massive load inside her. I think having a sister will end up being a good thing.

Giving up the pussy, could get NO hotter…

Everyday, All day! #BlackNewWorldOrder 

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